Catering & Hospitality

Whatever your approach, our Catering & Hospitality courses will bring out the best in you and help you find your own style.

Our Catering & Hospitality courses are available at Level/s 1, 2, 3, 4

Catering & Hospitality isn’t just about cooking, there are lots of opportunities available front-of-house and our training will give you the skills you’ll need to succeed in this exciting industry. By being part of our team you’ll learn to give first-class service to customers in a variety of training facilities like our in-house restaurant.

Within our local area we are lucky enough to have national companies on our doorstep who develop products and sell them to high-street brands, these businesses use chefs to develop new menus and food ranges. Our industry standard kitchens, up-to-date equipment and real working environments such as Nineteen09, our in-house restaurant, means your learning journey starts exactly where it should, in the heart of the industry.

You’ll gain hands on experience not only on site but on one of 150 national work experience placements available to students. You will train in cooking techniques and food preparation including fish, meat, poultry and pasta dishes, baking, patisserie and cake decorating as well as front-of-house hosting, restaurant skills and customer service.

English & Maths

If you haven’t achieved a GCSE Grade 4 (C) in English and/or Maths you will be required to either; take a Functional Skills qualification if you have achieved a Grade 1 or 2, or retake the GCSE if you’ve achieved Grade 3. You will be fully supported by our specialist team ahead of taking the exam.

Career Areas

  • Chef
  • Front-of-House Manager
  • Caterer
  • Sommelier
  • Baker
  • Food Product Developer

At Level 1 you could study:

  • Food safety in catering
  • Introduction to employability in the catering and hospitality Industry
  • Health and safety awareness for catering and hospitality
  • Introduction to healthier foods and special diets
  • Introduction to kitchen equipment
  • Prepare and cook food by boiling, poaching and steaming
  • Regeneration of pre-prepared food.

At Level 2 you could study:

  • Food safety in catering
  • Developing skills for employment in the catering and hospitality industry
  • Health and safety in catering and hospitality
  • Healthier foods and special diets
  • Catering operations, costs and menu planning
  • Prepare and cook stocks, soups and sauces
  • Prepare and cook fruit and vegetables.

At Level 3 you could study:

  • Food product development
  • Supervisory skills in the hospitality industry
  • Exploring gastronomy
  • Advanced skills and techniques in producing vegetable and vegetarian dishes.

At Level 4 you could study:

  • Prepare, Cook and Finish Hors D’oeuvres and Canapés
  • Prepare, Cook and Finish Complex Farinaceous Dishes
  • Prepare, Cook and Finish Complex Fish and Shellfish
  • Prepare, Cook and Finish Complex Meat, Poultry and Game