Top ten tips for revising for your GCSEs

We know this can be stressful, but here are our top ten tips for revising for your GCSEs;

  • Always revise somewhere comfortable!

    Whether it’s your bedroom or the dining room table, make sure there aren’t too many distractions where you’re revising and switch your phone off to help you concentrate!

  • Re-write all of your key notes

    Add in extra details where necessary and highlight the key sections.

  • Read your notes thoroughly

    Make sure you’re familiar with the key content you need to learn. A simple approach to start your revision.

  • Make prompt cards

    They will help you remember the key themes.

  • Create mind maps of larger topics

    Don’t just brainstorm key words, add descriptions, explanations and pictures/symbols to help you visualise the key themes.

  • Test yourself or get your family and friends to test you

    This will give you a good indication of your key strengths and weaknesses.

  • Practice past papers

    You can download these online from any of the exam board websites; AQA, OCR, Edexcel etc. These will help you get used to applying the knowledge to a set question.

  • Watch online content

    There is a lot of useful videos online – think about YouTube, Facebook Feeds and BBC Learning Zone.

  • Use BBC GCSE Bitesize

    The website is more interactive than reading through your exercise book and the site has useful mini tests at the end of sessions.

  • Attend any revision sessions put on by your teacher

    These sessions are designed to help you; make the most of them!


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