Connor wins 2nd Place in Teflon Diamond Standard Awards for Aspiring Student Chefs

Connor wins 2nd Place in Teflon Diamond Standard Awards

Level 3 Professional Cookery student, Connor Gray, was recently awarded 2nd Place in the Teflon Diamond Standard Awards.  A competition recognising aspiring student chefs.

Connor, 19, was the Principal’s Award winner at the college’s Brilliance Awards last year, and he has continued his success with his recent win.  Connor explained: “Someone I worked with recommended the competition to me and said it was a good place for aspiring students to showcase their talent.  I did some research and decided to give it a go.

“I wasn’t expecting to get through to the final and I got the notice over Christmas that I had made it thought to the final.  I did a lot of practice and then went to London for the day of the competition.”

The competitors were given a demonstration of a mystery fish dish, scallops with chorizo and cauliflower with buttered samphire, which they were then tasked with recreating or putting their own twist on.  Connor continued:

“I wanted to be a little bit different so I did a cream reduction which the judges liked. I then had to cook Eggs Benedict and a specialist dish, pave of venison with a parsnip puree, honey roasted carrots and a garlic caper jus.

“It’s a good experience for anyone to take part in these competitions because you learn so much from other people.  You can also take the criticisms and comments from the judges and apply them to a real-life scenario. It also gets you noticed and looks great on your CV.  I’m very proud to have done so well and show people that I have good skills.  To come 2nd Place was just amazing.”