Crime & Society Academy

Level 3 Criminology and A Levels in Psychology and Sociology

Our Crime & Society Academy courses are available at Level/s 3

This course is designed for anyone with an enquiring mind, an interest in the cause and effect of crime and victimisation and how society responds to crime. The Level 3 Applied Certificate in Criminology is designed to support learners progressing to university, it will give you not only a Level 3 in Criminology but also two A levels, in both Psychology and Sociology.

The elements taught are relevant to a wide range of career paths including social and probation work, criminal justice services, law, sociology and psychology. Included in the programme are opportunities for experience in real world work placements and visits and trips to explore the different criminal justice systems across the UK and abroad.

The programme will help you use your skills, knowledge and experience to make a difference to the society that we live in. We will look at a range of social science perspectives and give you the chance to explore sociological, psychological and political approaches to crime and behaviour.

Crime is an everyday occurrence in modern society – most people are affected by crime at some time in their life. Criminology has been developed to prepare you for university places in a diverse range of areas within the criminal justice field, including law, probation work, sociology and psychology.

English & Maths

If you haven’t achieved a GCSE Grade 4 (C) in English and/or Maths you will be required to either; take a Functional Skills qualification if you have achieved a Grade 1 or 2, or retake the GCSE if you’ve achieved Grade 3. You will be fully supported by our specialist team ahead of taking the exam.

Career Areas

  • Family Law
  • Probation Service
  • Criminal Justice
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Criminal Law

You will study a whole host of exciting and interesting topics during your course, and look at a number of different approaches to psychology including cognitive, behavioural, physiological, social and areas such as relationships, memory, attachment, sleep, clinical psychology and mental health. You will also be given the opportunity for independent research in an area of psychology that interests you.

You will also cover a wide range of interesting and exciting sociology topics over the two years and will have the opportunity to develop a broad set of essential academic skills, including the ability to analyse and formulate clear, logical arguments with scope for extensive evaluation from a range of theoretical perspectives.

By studying this qualification students will gain the knowledge to progress and consider employment within some aspects of the criminal justice sector e.g. Probation Service or to university to study for a degree in the crime and society field.