Scarborough School of Art students prepare for ends and beginnings with new art exhibition

Students from Art & Design courses at Scarborough TEC’s Westwood Campus, Scarborough School of Arts, are busy getting ready for their final exhibition ‘Ends & Beginnings’ as they prepare to emerge as practising artists or continue their training at universities across the UK.

‘Ends & Beginnings’ launches this Friday, 23rd June from 6.30pm, and students from Level 2 Art & Design, Foundation Diploma in Art & Design and Access to Higher Education: Art & Design will be joined by special guests from Hinderwell School in exhibiting.

The is the final show at the Westwood Campus of Scarborough School of Arts before Scarborough TEC relocates to Filey Road in September. Andy Black, Scarborough TEC’s Course Leader for the Foundation Diploma Art & Design & Access to Higher Education: Art & Design, explained:

“This show is called ‘Ends and Beginnings’ because it’s the end of Westwood Campus as the location for Scarborough School of Arts and the end of our fantastic students’ time with us.

“However, it’s also the beginning of an exciting future – for the School of Arts it means an amazing new campus at Filey Road. For the students leaving us it marks the beginning of their lives at top art schools across the UK and their careers as artists and designers. We wish them luck and watch out for them in the future!

“We hope alumni and friends of Scarborough School of Arts will flood down to Westwood on the opening night to celebrate the history of the place, the amazing achievements of our current students and to support our new future.”

Jamie Walton, 27, returned to education after studying A Level Business at sixth form and pursuing a business-based career which saw him becoming the manager of consumables company.  After three years he realised he was ready to try something completely different.  Jamie explained:

“I sort of had an epiphany.  A few things happened in my life and I realised I wanted to be doing something that I actually enjoyed.  I looked at different options and, because I hadn’t studied art at sixth form, I knew this would be the way to get into university because it gives you the foundation in Art & Design, guiding you towards the route you want to go into.

Jamie is now preparing to go to Cardiff University in September to study Fine Art, he continued: “The course has given me a good grounding to be able to go onto to do this it’s taught me things like essay writing and how to put a portfolio together.

“For the exhibition I have taken on a project looking at patterns within nature, metamorphosis and transformations, like a snake shedding its skin, and how they reference the human experience and transformations within ourselves, especially the human psyche; It’s been very much about self-reflection.  I have been looking at screen printing a lot lately, and how that fits in with fine art, although I wanted to delve into as many different mediums as I could.”

The opening night for ‘Ends & Beginnings’ is Friday 23rd June from 6.30pm onwards. The exhibition is open to the public on Saturday 24th June from 10am-1pm and then from Monday 26th – Friday 30th June from 10am-4pm.