Music isn't just a vocation, it's a passion that you will have the full opportunity to explore!

Our Music courses are available at Level/s 1, 2, 3

Enjoy music workshops with our Industry experts, live performances in our very own venue, recording in one of our professional music studios and Q&A sessions with successful musicians that will give you a great insight into the industry.

You will get opportunities to perform at big local events such as the Sci-Fi festival, Pro-surf tour, create your own album or EP and compose for film and video to give you real industry experience.

At Level 1 you will study a combined Music & Performing Arts qualification that will prepare you go on to study a Level 2 qualification in either Music or Performing Arts.

The course at Levels 2 & 3 explore all aspects of the music industry from performance techniques, music technology, composition and music business studies. Live performance, digital production and recording are at the core of what you do as well as mixing, mastering and music promotion and marketing getting you ready for a career in music.

Theoretical aspects are also covered as are developing instrumental skills and using compositional software. Whether you aspire to be centre stage, or are looking at work behind the scenes this course will equip you with the necessary skills to succeed in this exciting, thriving and diverse industry.

English & Maths

If you haven’t achieved a GCSE Grade 4 (C) in English and/or Maths you will be required to either; take a Functional Skills qualification if you have achieved a Grade 1 or 2, or retake the GCSE if you’ve achieved Grade 3. You will be fully supported by our specialist team ahead of taking the exam.

Career Areas

  • Musician
  • Music Teacher
  • Sound Engineer
  • Studio Engineer
  • Music Promoter
  • Agent/Manager

At Level 1 you could study:

  • Introduction to music, performing and production arts
  • Introduction to research for music, performing and production arts
  • Communicating with an audience for music and performing Arts
  • Production development for music and performing arts
  • Performance development for music and performing arts

At Level 2 you could study:

  • Using a DAW
  • Remix and Production
  • Composing Styles
  • Careers in music
  • Podcast production
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Instrumental study
  • Using a keyboard with a DAW.

At Level 3 you could study:

  • Event management
  • Promotion
  • Live music performance
  • Music video production
  • Instrumental study
  • Composing for TV and Film
  • Remixing and studio engineering.