Health care professionals offer advice to Scarborough TEC students

Health care professionals offer advice to Scarborough TEC students

Health care professionals, Sarah Gill and Kirsty Govier, from Scarborough’s 0-19 Healthy Child Team, recently visited Scarborough TEC to promote their services to the students and staff.

Sarah Gill, who is a Specialist Community Public Health Nurse, said: “We’ve set up this awareness session to make all of the students aware of the service we offer and the support we can give for physical health and emotional health.  We’re looking at offering a drop-in so that students at Scarborough TEC can access us on a regular basis.”

Kirsty Govier, School Nurse, added: “It’s important that we are promoting health independence too.  We’ve seen students talking to us about lots of different topics; smoking cessation, using energy drinks, alcohol abuse, cyberbullying and sexting.  Hopefully the young people will realise we can offer a massive array of support to them.”

Karen Thornton, Student & Administration Services Manager at Scarborough TEC, is keen for students to take advantage of this useful service, Karen said:

“Having access to a service like this is an important part of the pastoral care that we offer to our students on daily basis.  It’s vital that we give all students the support they need, whether that be for emotional or physical health, in order for them to make their most of their time at Scarborough TEC.

“Kirsty and Sarah have been brilliant and we look forward to welcoming them to our other campus on January 29th and are hoping they will be able to make regular visits to offer ongoing support with their vital information, advice and guidance sessions.”

The session will now be repeated at our Lady Edith’s Campus from 12-1.30pm in the Library. For more information about their services, or if you have a question, you can contact the team on Facebook by searching for 0-19 Healthy Child Team or by calling (01723) 557711.