New Equality Representative for Students Appointed

Congratulations to Level 3 Art & Design student Kerys Phillips, who has taken on the new role of Equality Representative for Students.

As part of the role, Kerys will communicate issues raised around equality for all Scarborough TEC students, including those with disabilities, members of the LGBTQ+ community and students of different faiths, to allow them more confidence within college.

“I will be available for all students to approach me in regard to any issues they may wish to raise if they do not feel confident approaching their course leader or course representative,” Kerys said.

“Whilst the college is already working to ensure equality for all is promoted, I feel that having a student with multiple disabilities, along with being a member of the LGBTQ+ community, will allow for the viewpoints to be put across in a more beneficial way.

“This is because people who do not have disabilities, are not a member of the LGBTQ+ community or are not of a different faith may not be able to fully understand our daily life and the struggles we face.

“I have unfortunately grown up in a community and attended schools where discrimination is faced daily and I know the impact this can have, so have begun to advocate for equality and the rights of disabled people within the wider community both locally and nationally.

“Alongside this, I have worked in the past with people with varying disabilities and additional needs through my roles as a nursery nurse and a leader in Girlguiding.”

Kerys, who feels “proud” to have achieved the role, added: “It will allow me to continue to support those who would like or require this support. My peers, along with the staff in college, have made me feel supported in this role as they have been open to have meetings with me and take on any points I have to bring across.

“I hope to achieve the highest standard of equality possible, not only within this college but all colleges in the group, to then set an example for all education providers across the country.”